The Apophis Asteroid of 2032

  An asteroid discovered in 2004 nicknamed Apophis will make a return visit near the earth in 2032.  Attempts to change its trajectory in the near next few years - 2012-2014 , will produce a collision with the moon and lead to our planets demise and eventual Armageddon for the current inhabitants of the planet.

   As I gaze upon the translucent green surface, I realize that I hold in my hand a mineral that killed a sea and started an ice age.  Muldivite was created by the heat of a celestial body and the earth.  Its birth changed the course of events which caused the extinction of many terrestrial life forms. 

   Asteroids have impacted the surface many times in history.  Scars are visible on every planet and moon we can see.  Although most space debris burns in our atmosphere, the pieces that escape that through that thin veil of protection can have cataclysmic results. 

   So imagine our concern when we learn there is an asteroid nicknamed Apophis discovered in 2004 that has a trajectory which comes near the earth.  The asteroid is currently passing in our vicinity before continuing on its path.  It pays us a return visit anywhere from 2029 to 2036 but many calculations put the arrival in 2032.  At this time, the asteroid will pass the closest to our planet.

   At this point, NASA has determined the trajectory carries little threat of collision and consider the odds to be 1 in 250,000.

   Russia on the other hand believes the asteroid to be a real threat and there are reports on the internet they were going to try and launch a craft and deploy a nuclear device to try and change the trajectory.  This discussion is going on RIGHT NOW as the asteroid is very close to us on its path. 

   The future is impacted by so many forces that the outcome is constantly changing.  That is,  unless you have chosen a limb on the tree that terminates  [see the Tree of Life - please].  A big part of the message from the Collective and Mog is that our species and therefore the species that co-inhabit the earth with us, currently reside on a limb that ends in termination. 

   The message deals with many issues, but the polarzing problem is the Apophis asteroid.  In the future that Mog originates from, we change the course of the asteroid [either in 2011 or 2012] and instead of missing us entirely, the altered trajectory causes an impact with the moon.  In doing so, the moon changes its orbit around the earth, killing the wheat and rice production for 10-15 years.  Subsequent events will kill the populations of the earth.  Mog's energy is that our our earth dwellers in the future who must exist in the subterranean depths.

   The decision to change the asteroids course is a combined effort of the governments.  They try to convince the people they know best.  I am not fully educated on the process, but it has something to do possibly with a laser originating from the earth surface, and being aimed to the space station.  Construction of a deflector shield is being built right now, which can re-direct the laser , giving it power and precision.  A nuclear boost is involved to help propel the laser through space to its intended target. 

   So many people of different cultures and belief structures are having prophecy of an armageddon.  I believe this message is being sent in many forms.  The year 2012 deals with the alignment of the planets, where our earth will struggle to regain its balance.  Being of scientific mind, I would roll my eyes at the extremists who cry the earth is ending.  However, even the Collective has talked of urgency, that is important right now.  I believe that if we indeed change the course of the asteroid which happens to be around 2012, that our fate is sealed and there is no turning back from our current limb of existence.  Then we will actually experience armageddon.  But I suspect it will be a slow agonizing and gritty end.  If we all perished in a poof of smoke, it would be a generous gift.  However, all the inhabitants of this planet will suffer the same fate.  We drag all the other species that exist along side of us to their demise due to our actions. 

   I don't believe the government has changed the asteroids trajectory at this point.  If it has, I will forever hang my head for not leaking this information sooner.  The possibility exists to graft over to a different limb and have a different outcome.  But time is of an essense.  This action is on the table RIGHT NOW.

   I implore you to ask questions, and I will try to get answers.  Ask what you need to be motivated to seek more information for yourselves.  The collective said recently - You have a beautiful world and it is doomed to destruction.  It is truly a shame. They will never listen, for they are too arrogant.  They have grown too much, too quickly.  It is truly unfortunate because they had such promise and I did love them so.  So shine your offspring to the next adoring star, for this one is doomed to failure.  I have tried my hardest to save this planet but don't know that it will work.  Heed all the warnings of your angels and Gods. They only wish to save your planet.  They have not interest in themselves, but only to save what is left of a dying planet. 

   I know this sounds crazy and fatalistic, but I believe in the next year our fate may be sealed.  I for one want a different limb on the tree.  I am but a little person and have no power to change a decision, but if enough people say enough things, then it might change opinion.  It we get enough people talking, that those that matter might take note.  They might come up with a different scenario that might change the earth's current future. That might not create a hole in the moon and a famine that destroys the earth and leads to a subterranean existence for Mog.  And that is what he does not want for his children and relatives and he is betting his life that we can help.