UFO incident in Germany 1936

Before Roswell in 1947, Germany experienced a UFO crash in 1936 which occurred in the black forest.  Because of the debris recovered, Hitler was able to partially reverse engineer the wreckage which provided them with new technology.   The occupants of this craft were the first catalogued time travelers from the future.      

   We discovered through our channeling that a military optical item awaited discovery which had an energy attachment who experienced Germany’s UFO incident firsthand.  After some searching, we purchased a pair of antique German artillery field glasses   The soldier connected with the glasses has blond hair and two decorations.  A cross adorns his chest and he has a single ribbon with three colors on the left breast.     He is a member of the SS organization.  We have more to channel regarding his name and exact purpose.   He is riding in a vehicle called a half-track along with his superior.  The glasses would sit facing forwards on a hand hold on the dash board and were very much in the heat of battle.  The truck has wheels in the front, tracks in the back and a turret on the top. 


From a safe distance, the two of them are observing a 50 foot circular structure lined with hexagon posts.  The posts are not made of cement but rather a metal alloy meant to amplify energy.   There are burn marks on the ground from one of the previous attempts to reverse engineer the technology.  More than one explosion had occurred and many technicians lost their lives but were commanded to continue experimentation.   

  The UFO craft made its appearance in the black forest in 1936. The squad present at the time saw the ship streak across the sky during the lightening storm and thought it was a damaged flyer.  On arrival they did not know what it was but treated it as a potential threat.  There were four occupants of the craft although only three are reported.  One was crushed in the wreckage and was not found.  Of the other three, those who were alive were quickly disposed of by those arriving on the scene.  They had writing on their uniforms and the color was a matte grey.  This is where the term –THE GREYS- was coined.  They were humanoid in shape, long skinny arms and legs, but shorter with a bulbous head.  On the uniform was a belt with a holster which did not house a weapon but rather a box.  It was like a space suit on a box, creating a field around body.  It allowed them to exist in our pressure and oxygen environment. It was a generator or an “aura” for lack of a better description but did not keep items out like guns and bullets.       

    Everything was moved from the original crash area.  An airfield and laboratory were nearby where they were studied.  Both the ship and the bodies are buried [separately] nearby in the forest.  The occupants are entombed in an underground cement structure.   The lock requires three keys to open.  Interestingly, this is where Hitler got the idea for his own tomb.  The bodies are still preserved in case they ever need to be exhumed.

   During the channeling, a curious twist occurred. Through the optics of the artillery lenses, the crew of the ship started to channel through. 

   “I am part of the crew of the ship.  A man came and destroyed my friends.  The ones that were still alive.  They did not even know who we were and thought we were their enemy.  They attacked us without provocation.  We were a science vessel with no offensive weapons.

   We came through in the electrical storm.  There needs to be lightning to create the energy but it short circuited our engines. There was nothing to do but crash.  I am still with the ship because they did not find me.  I was buried in the metal.  The records will show 3 occupants but there are 4 of us. They did not have the technology to find my body. The ship is buried in the earth, not far from the tomb of my colleagues. 

   I was not located in the command deck but was the engineer.  We thought the Germans would win the war as they had better technology.  Just goes to show you that technology is not always a sure thing.  [I asked what the history in their time showed.]  There was no history as it is sketchy.  We came to that time period because we thought we had the chance to be heard.  [I asked what message they wished to convey].    The message is DON’T.  DO NOT DO IT>.    [I asked if they meant about changing the trajectory of the asteroid as Maug and his crew have attempted to warn us about].    JUST DON’T. 

   This was our first contact with this crew.  I find it discouraging to see how we respond with absolute fear to anything unknown and I feel ashamed when I speak to these entities.  People who accepted the risk and gave their lives in an attempt to help save our species and the planet. 

   Time travel is possible because of a hiccup of energy.  A rotation of the earth in one direction, and the power to force it another.  The phenomenon requires enormous energy and cannot be sustained which is why a continuous open portal cannot happen.  The technology has to do with electromagnetic power and ball lightening in the future and the current time period.  The poles of the earth are magnetic and if you change the poles, rotation will change just for a fraction.  Just long enough to send the beam of light through the portal.  The process was very haphazard and dangerous.  Many attempts were foiled and participants perished.  The balls of light in the sky were a delivery system made by the future to deliver the product.  .  The phenomenon was seen by the flyers over Europe and was called the FOO lights.    The beam must not be interrupted which is why so many were seen.  Anything disrupting the energy stream such as a plane or shrapnel would make light tube useless.  Or worse, the participants might not arrive at all if travel was initiated from the future

    Some of the same German scientists and informational officers that experienced the craft in 1936 Germany also were brought to the United States through Operation Paperclip and subsequently were sent to the Roswell crash in 1947 for their expertise.  Our government utilized their skills to quickly dismantle the site, and effectively remove many of those who were involved, such as our friends Mac and his crew on the brick, and the beautiful nurse Marie who died for the piece in her purse.  There is a cigar or tobacco smoking red haired man who arrived on the scene long enough to oversee the entire operation and command those under him to pull the triggers. 

   We learned that a second craft from the future beamed into Germany during that same time period in 1936.  This ship was shot down in the air and crashed over Europe and has not been discovered.  I believe it is in the same general area and will try to dowse the location with some maps.

New Addition 12-13-2013- The keys to unlock the door

   There are three keys which must be used together to open the tomb containing the recovered craft and the bodies of the occupants.  Each one has an ornate design on the top and either one bit with three teeth, or three separate bits.  

   One key has the German flag with the swastika.    The next contains an iron cross.  The third key has a parade type helmet.  Each is of a different metal; gold, chrome or silver, and brass.   There are swords that cross on each key. 

   The lock contains three tumblers.  There are sitting in a covered space, not quite open to the sky and are surrounded by either stone or concrete.  They are positioned like a triangle, with a seam splitting the one on the top from the two just below it. 

   The tomb was booby trapped.  I smell gun powder, but the powder is wet.  The trap is fouled due to the dampness.  This structure is near a hanger and was already present as a prototype.   I smell a diesel oil spill.   It is possible this could lead us to the entrance as fuel does not deteriorate.  There were not careful about cleanup in that era.  I smell jet fuel as well, but the spill was diesel fuel from an armored vehicle.  Take a combustible gas detector as this will help.

   Look to the ½ moon shape.  The hanger was off to the northwest side. The soil is an unusual red color.

   {One key is in America and the other two are abroad.  I have started searching but this appears to be a difficult task.  If anybody has any ideas, please let me know.  I will also try to post a map of where the hanger might be.]